The southern Croatian territory can proudly boast to having Croatia's most well known cultural icons, the famous and almost intact medieval town of Dubrovnik. The pearl of the Adriatic, spread out on the stone rocks and cliffs descending into the embrace of the sea and the waves. 

Dubrovnik enjoyed great importance in the movement of goods and travelers in Europe for a thousand years, thanks to its exceptional geographical position.Wondering amid the maze of narrow, cobbled streets, wide thoroughfares and splendid squares, amid fountains, palaces and magnificent churches, markets, bazaars and restaurants, you are stepping through an age long gone and forgotten.

One of the lovely features of Dubrovnik is that one can make a tour of churches, museums, palaces and city walls on foot. In the summer heat it is pleasant to sit in the deep shade of the palaces and monasteries, waiting for night to bring a light mistral wind to cool the hot city walls.

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