Amid all the translucent splendor of its Riviera, Dubrovnik is truly the pearl in a crown. Once it rivaled Venice as a maritime power, with its ships playing their trade to all corners of the known world. Dubrovnik enjoyed great importance in the movement of goods and travelers in Europe for a thousand years, thanks to its exceptional geographical position.

Wondering amid the maze of narrow, cobbled streets, wide squares amid fountains, palaces and magnificent churches, markets, bazaars and restaurants, you are stepping through an age long gone and forgotten.

One of the lovely features of Dubrovnik is that one can make a tour of churches, museums, palaces and city walls on foot. In the summer heat it is pleasant to sit in the deep shade of the palaces and monasteries, waiting for night to bring a light mistral wind to cool the hot city walls.

Dubrovnik represents living history – the pearl of the Adriatic, spread out on the stone rocks and cliffs descending into the embrace of the sea and the waves.


Dubrovnik city and county offers a wide choice of hotels of all categories and standards meeting needs and interests of any traveler. Here one can find perfect facilities for any type of conference, meeting or presentation.
One of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities, and Croatia’s leading congress centre, Dubrovnik hosts a large number of international and Croatian formal gatherings every year.

The Dubrovnik hotel capacities, comprising mainly the top quality hotels, have modern premises and equipment for meetings and gatherings for more than one thousand participants, offering exceptional and inspiring working atmosphere and excellent service.

Hotel Excelsior 5*
Grand Hotel Argentina 5*
Hilton Imperial Hotel 5*
Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik 5*
Hotel Bellevue 5*
Hotel Dubrovnik Palace 5*
Hotel Ariston 5*
Radisson Blu Spa & Resort 5*
Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel 4*
Hotel Uvala 4*
Grand Hotel Park 4*
Hotel Lapad 4*
Hotel Neptun 4*
Hotel Villa Dubrovnik 3*
Hotel Splendid 3*
Hotel Komodor 3*
Hotel Vis 3*
Hotel Kompas 3*
Hotel Tirena 3*
Hotel Argosy 3*



Another attraction for the participants in gatherings and congresses is the ability for organizing business meetings in attractive historical venues, renaissance palaces and medieval forts. The more relaxed parts of the congresses and gatherings will be further enhanced with the selected special events at top quality restaurants with terraces overviewing the Adriatic, and the mild climate enabling the visitors to enjoy the nature throughout the year. The incentive and team-building programs will get a new dimension in Dubrovnik, and become events to remember, which are as unforgettable as the city itself.

Sports halls

Fort «Revelin» 

«Marin Držić» Theatre 

University of Dubrovnik

Centre for Advanced Academic Studies Dubrovnik 

Cinema Sloboda  


Our suggestions for sightseeings and excursions:


Sightseeing of the “Pearl of Adriatic sea”, magnificent Dubrovnik. First stop is the viewpoint above the city which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. After taking photos of the magnificent city walls, ancient rooftops and picturesque buildings, drive back to the city to Pile Gate where the statue of city's patron St. Blaise will welcome you. Walk on the most famous promenade Stradun, pass next to the Franciscan monastery in which one of the oldest pharmacy is situated (opened 1317.) and enjoy the impressive baroque Cathedral with its famous Treasury. After sightseeing time at leisure for your own activities – buy yourself a souvenir which will make your memories vivid for a long time after you come back home. We suggest the “Dubrovnik house”, located inside St. Dominic's tower, dating from the 14th century, where you can find some home made brandy and liqueurs made of Mediterranean herbs and fruits, virgin olive oil, wine from the area (Plavac, Dingac, Postup) and traditional sweets such as “arancin” (sugared and sun-dried orange peal).

Full day excursion by karaka boat

Boat trip to Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud – the Elaphite Islands, or translated from the Greek, the “deer” islands - an attractive Dubrovnik archipelago of 14 islands. Sightseeing of the forested island of Kolocep, covered with coastal pine and subtropical vegetation, the island closest to Dubrovnik and a favorite vacation spot for local people. After sightseeing, we sail on to the town of Sudurad on the island of Sipan, the largest of the Elaphite islands. Sightseeing tour of the fortified castle-fortress of the Skocibuh family from the 16th century, as well as the remains of the summer residence of the Archbishop of Dubrovnik. We continue on to Lopud, the Roman Lafodia, “the Island of peace”, known after its lush vegetation, beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear sea.


Drive along the Dubrovnik coastline to Ston, a historical town which during the period of the Dubrovnik Republic had an important strategic role: its salt works, dating back to Roman times, were worth a fortune, while the long defensive walls from the 14th century provided security in dangerous times. These walls are one of the longest defensive walls in the world. Ston is also well known for its oyster and mussel produce. Continue through Peljesac peninsula, where the hillsides and fields are covered in vineyards and where the sun and climate secure ideal conditions for the production of Dingac, a famous red wine considered being one of the in the world. On the Peljesac wine trail, you will experience true delight while sampling excellent wines cultivated with the arduous work of the hard-working people in the region. The pleasant aroma and harmonious taste, alongside the delicious home cooked specialties, are a magnificant satisfaction for the body and soul.


Neretva river delta is an area of vast marshland, with very rich flora and fauna that shelters hundreds of bird species. This area is known to world travelers as "Croatian California". Neretva River lies just inland from the coastal road where you will embark the small local boats known as 'Trupica '. This kind of wooden boats have been in use for over 100 years for transportation and fishing. The Trupice will take you through one of the best-preserved wetlands and its channels in Europe. Welcome drink, Dalmatian home made prosciutto, cheese, homemade bread and local wine will be served as you sail through this jewel of nature. On the way back to Dubrovnik, visit the remains and excavations of one of the largest Roman sites on the eastern side of the Adriatic called Narona.


Drive along the Dubrovnik coastline to the peninsula Peljesac, where the hillsides and fields are covered in vineyards and where the sun and climate secure ideal conditions for the production of Dingac, a famous red wine considered being one of the best in the world. The pleasant aroma and harmonious taste, alongside the delicious home cooked specialties, are a true satisfaction for the body and soul. Drive to Orebic for embarkation to a small boat which will transfer you to town Korcula, the birthplace of the adventurer and traveler Marco Polo. Enter the city through its Coastal doors, walk around its narrow streets surrounded with the beatiful medieval walls and visit the Cathedral of St. Mark. Return to Orebić for a drive back to hotel in Dubrovnik.


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